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post image Pharma patents and Article 31bis: where are we now? from

With so many major changes and developments occurring on his very doorstep, the IPKat has rather taken his eye off activities at global level. For example, in August 2003, when this blog was just 10 ...

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post image Fark on patent examiners at the patent office from

Lots of picture variants and the lines:

GeeGee LOL, nice touch on the one in his hand. I wonder what could be patented in that field...
Thank you for noticing that! I've been ...

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Lerner says patent reform is "cold war"; IPBiz says "doughnuts!" from

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quoted "Innovation and Its Discontents" co-author Josh Lerner:

"I see it as a cold war between pharmaceuticals and the IT industry," said Josh Lerner, a professor at the Harvard Business School.

While ...

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In favour of allowing retail sales of Tamiflu from

The past few weeks have seen an increase in the number of people infected by swine flu in the country. There is presently no vaccine for the flu and the popular antiviral drug which is ...

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Understanding Intellectual Property Basics from

Intellectual property is probably best thought of (at least in general terms) as creations of the mind that are given the legal rights often associated with real or personal property. The rights that are given ...

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New Leadership at the USPTO from

The USPTO has a new leader. On Thursday, August 13, David Kappos was sworn in as the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He's ...

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Government of India accepts the conclusions of the Mashelkar Committee Report from

The IE has recently reported that the Government of India has finally accepted the recommendations of the Technical Expert Group on Patent Law a.k.a. The Mashelkar Committee Report (since Dr. Mashelkar was the ...

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Guest Post: The Applied/Abstract Distinction is the Key to ยง101 Patentability from

Guest Post by Polk Wagner (Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law) Mark Lemley, Michael Risch, Ted Sichelman, and I have authored an amicus brief in the Bilski v. Doll case currently pending ...

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