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post image In the Weeds from

Callaway Golf sued Acushnet over four golf ball patents. Acushnet teed itself up with an admission of infringement, but tried to whack the asserted claims into the sand trap of prior art invalidity. The district ...

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In a Sikahema move, R. Ebert labels A. White a troll from

In the movie review business, a contrarian can be labelled a “troll,” an Internet term for someone whose intent is to provoke others. In the patent law business, a troll can include a patent holder ...

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Inventors Beware: Yugo Prices Suggest Yugo Quality from

As is the case with all recessions or economic downturns, more and more people are turning to inventing. This is not at all surprising, and is in fact exactly what you would expect. When finances ...

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Quantum Dot Rivals Settle Patent Suit from

In a previous post I discussed a patent infringement suit between Palo Alto nanotechnology company Nanosys and its Manchester, U.K. rival, Nanoco Technologies (Nanoco), involving Nanoco’s quantum dot technology. In that suit, Nanosys ...

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