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post image How to Respond to Cease and Desist Orders from Trademark Owners from

(left, the T-shirt at issue)

We talk a lot about the resolution of IP litigation here, but not a lot about IP conflict prevention.  I've long said that the best insurance against liability is ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat from

Amicus, Amici, America, Oh My!

With the kids back in school by mid-August and summer vacation still to take prior to the fall sessions, late summer litigation in the States is generally quiet. Not so ...

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Bilski Briefs from

The question of patentable subject matter has returned to the Supreme Court -- this time with a focus on business methods. In January 2009, an en banc Federal Circuit implemented the "machine or transformation test" as ...

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Prison poet plagiarists from

In June 2008, when IPBiz was discussing the Palo Alto High School plagiarism incident (the graduation speeches had been copied from elsewhere), one commenter wrote

Perhaps this ought to be taken as a lesson that ...

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Bilski brief of the University of South Florida from

The amicus brief of the University of South Florida (USF) in Bilski begins:

The University of South Florida (hereinafter,
“USF”) is the nation’s ninth largest public university
and a leading research institution.

[See also ...

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Footnote to Madey v. Duke University: Duke goes after insuror for legal fees from

James Gallagher, in an article titled Duke sues insurer to cover costs of Madey-laser suit
gives a suggestion of "how much" Duke paid in the litigation against John Madey, which was
ultimately unsuccessful:

Randall Roden ...

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Ramkumar vs Cell Importers: India's Biggest IP Case Yet? from

The Madras High Court recently dismissed a writ petition filed by Ramkumar against the orders of the Customs Commissioners (in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi). As noted in previous posts, these detailed orders by the commissioners ...

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High stakes for CERN's large hadron collider from

AP writer ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS has a story on CERN's large hadron collider titled Particle collider: Black hole or crucial machine?. [As to names, see also Higgs Boson Found ]

Within the Higgins article:

CERN ...

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On debates about stem cells: the carbon nanotube connection from

An article in Nature by David Cyranoski & Monya Baker [Stem-cell claim gets cold reception; Carbon nanotubes used to reprogramme adult human cells? Nature 452, 132 (2008) ] produced the following on-line commentary:

We need a correct understanding of what a stem cell in ...

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I.G. Farben and Exxon, re-visited from

In an earlier post on IPBiz [
Standard Oil and I.G. Farben: patents and antitrust
], the interrelationship of I.G. Farben and Standard Oil of New Jersey [now ExxonMobil] was discussed.

GoogleBooks has an excerpt ...

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The Competition Commission: Separation of Power troubles again? from

Earlier on this blog, a series of posts had covered some of the IP-related issues in the Competition Act, 2002. Now, with several of the Acts provisions in force, I intend to look at some ...

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A Desi Model for Affordable Healthcare? from

In few posts earlier, SpicyIP has dealt with the issue of affordable healthcare without taking sides (neither pro-big pharma nor pro-generics). Continuing in the same vein, in this post we shall consider alternative effective and ...

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Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting Updated from

Last month the seminal PLI Treatise, Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting, was updated with information on claim drafting tips and techniques post Bilski, and a few other juicy items. Long time aficionados of the treatise ...

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PLI Publishes 2009 Federal Circuit Yearbook from

Each year, the Federal Circuit Yearbook provides a concise, comprehensive review of every patent decision published by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit during the preceding year. The 2009 Federal Circuit ...

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