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post image Method of treatment claims in the US: a foreigner asks ... from

A colleague who practises a long way from the United States has some questions concerning that country's patent law ("the envy of the world", as recently described in an Innovation Alliance circular) and thinks ...

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post image PCT v. 2.0 on the anvil? from

WIPO intends to impose a "Global Patenting Regime" on the developing world, on behalf of big pharma and developed countries, if this editorial by KG Narendranath in Economic Times and this note in Pharmabiz are ...

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post image WIPO Mediation Case Studies from

From the files of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Set out below are examples of mediations conducted under the WIPO Rules. The Center also makes available a summary overview of its caseloadThese examples have ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

The Amerikat is a little bit under the weather at the moment, so if you were visiting the blog especially to read her weekly contribution, please be patient -- it will be a little late this ...

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post image Northern District of Illinois Proposes Patent Rules Affecting Claim Construction Practice from

As noted in an article posted today on Dennis Crouch's Patently-O blog by R. David Donoghue (of the Chicago IP Litigation blog), the Northern District of Illinois is considering a new set of patent ...

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post image A desiccated follower of trashion from

The July-August issue of Informa's ten-times a year Trademark World contains a cover story which rather appeals to the IPKat. "Trash or Treasure", by Andrea Anderson (Holland & Hart) discusses a subject that is pretty ...

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post image Guest Post: Is OSHO a Trademark - Osho Friends to the Rescue from

We bring you a guest post on controversial case of the Osho trademark, as decided by the Trademark Trial and Appellate Board (TTAB) in the US. You will recall our previous posts on the frequently ...

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Internet overhauling in European Union from

European Union Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding is planning to overhaul Internet downloading policies in order to facilitate simple, consumer friendly, and legal access to music and films online. Her response to a recent survey, showing ...

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New Proposed Patent Rules Significantly Change Claim Construction Briefing from

by David Donoghue (of Chicago IP Litigation and Holland & Knight) The Northern District of Illinois judges are currently considering public comments on a new set of proposed Local Patent Rules – click here to download a ...

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Bilski and Biotechnology: An Update from

A host of amicus briefs critical of the Federal Circuit's "machine-transformation" test for patent eligibility, as recently set forth in the court's en banc Bilski decision, will be filed this week with the ...

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McNeil Dodges Bullet on Timing of Appeal Filing from

After McNeil appealed obviousness rejections to the US Patent and Trademark Office Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, the Board dismissed the whole business as filed in an untimely manner. McNeil took the case to ...

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Deja vu? from

Back during the oil crunches of the 1970's, the predictions made at the time were that oil would run out in the 2020's.
Those predictions were discarded. Now, we have a prediction from ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: Glasgow Wants Protection for Chicken Tikka Masala from

After calls for a GI for Birmingham’s Balti dishes on which Sumathi had blogged early last month, it is now chicken tikka masala’s turn.

According to the Financial Times, an MP from UK ...

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McNeil: BPAI misunderstands patent claim! from

The case IN RE MCNEIL-PPC, INC. is a review of re-examination by the CAFC, and addresses
the issue of "from what day" a response period is measured, date of decision vs. date of mailing.
By ...

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Before You Fire That Social Networker … from

The Problem The Des Moines Register reports that in the past year alone, businesses have fired several workers for posting objectionable material to social networking websites. The latest incident involves a Casey’s General Stores ...

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Government to introduce a whistle blower scheme in a bid to counter spurious drugs from

The Union Health Minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad has proposed, in Parliament, a whistle blower scheme for all those informants who volunteer with information on spurious or counterfeit drugs. According to the policy a maximum ...

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Google/Apple tensions: Schmidt off Apple's Board from

Erick Schonfeld of TechCruch wrote on 3 Aug 09 of Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigning from the Apple Board:

Google brought down the disapproving scrutiny of the FCC onto Apple on Friday night [July 31 ...

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Seth on Shaving from

Seth Godin’s piece today on “Bear Shaving” is, yet again, an excellent illustration of his brilliance. Sadly, every time I hear someone with a new “patent reform” argument/plan/policy…it is almost always ...

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Patents per capita and Idaho from

One statistic I get tired of hearing is how data shows (showed?) that Idaho is (was) #1 per capita for patents and Boise is (was) #2 per capita for patents. The reality is those numbers ...

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